Semana Uno: Audio Lessons

Jan. 19-25

CD 4,  disc 1

I started higher in the program since I know some Spanish. I poped in the CD and found myself in Lima, Peru.  First, my audio tour guides and I were in the Lima airport and were asked questions about the things our suitcases. Then we went to restaurants I learned about typical Peruvian meals.



I learned the names of fruit: naranja, manzana, pina, fresa, frambuesa, platano, cereza, uvas. I also learned words that could be used when describing fruit such as redondas (round), larga (long), adrento (inside), and afuera (outside). Other notable words are jugo (juice),  gaseosa (soda), and  dulce (sweet).

 Then I reviewed the difference between this, that, these and those.

This: este y esta

These: estas y estos

That: ese y esa,

Those: esos y esas

That over there: aquel y aquella

Those over there: aquellos y aquellos


Lo and la are used as direct object pronouns, so the object does not have to be restated. If one person asks te gusta café, then a response could be si, lo gusta.  The reply says yes I like it, rather than saying yes I like coffee.  


Primero estoy en la aerupuerto y hablo sobre las cosa en mi maleta. Entonces ir a las restaurants y aprendar sobre platos typicos de Peru. Yo Practicar los nombres de las frutia y  ese, este y aquello. Tambien to aprendar  pronombres de complimento directo.



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