Blogging For PR

Public relations practitioners use blogging as a part of their communication tactics. Blogs allow public relations practitioners to communicate with a variety of audiences through efficient, low-cost means.  PR practitioner’s blog in large and small organizations to inform audiences, test ideas, receive feedback, and scan the environment and build relationships. Blog activities are important because many blogs are international and have readerships that are larger than any big city newspaper circulation.

Blogging allows practitioners to understand the company’s reputation and consumer preferences, spot emerging trends, and monitor competition. Darren Rowse suggests in his Understanding PR People article, to use blog search engine sites such as Technocratic, Google Blog Search, Blogrolls and mediamaponline to find influential bloggers and blog topics.

Blogs provide a personal link with current and prospective customers. The conversations promote trust and build influential relationships. A company can become transparent through addressing important business related issues.

Media are always looking for new story ideas online. Writing about company news, industry trends and business and economics issues promotes the blog is a source of news stories and possible interviews. B.L. Ochman notes, in The PR lessons of a Clueless Blog Pitch, that public relations practitioners are pitching bloggers just as they pitch traditional media outlets, but bloggers are more likely to publicly ridicule poorly presented pitches. Some bloggers have hall of shame pages displaying bad or irritating PR pitches. Ochman suggests running pitch content through Bullfighter to rid jargon and puff; explain how the idea or person you are pitching ties into a current news item or a trend.

Brian Solice notes on his PR 2.0 blog that many companies are in fear of their public relations team blogging. Some companies worry about practitioners saying thing that could damage relationships or cause legal damage. Companies need to be visible on the Internet including the blogosphere in order to reach targeted and untargeted audiences. Practitioners need to remind companies that the job of the PR practitioner is to reach objectives while make they company look good, so there is nothing to fear.


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