Spanish Enhancement Experiment

Spanish Enhancement Experiment

My public relations writing class is conducting social experiments and blogging about them in order to enhance our social media skills. We were instructed to pick an experiment that we could do for the entire semester.  I have a limited amount of time so I chose an experiment I could do in my car on the way to school. The variable in the experiment is me because I do not know how dedicated I will be– Let’s think positivily.

 I will go to Spain this summer so my social experiment will attempt to enhance my Spanish language skills for my trip. The blog will detail my weekly conversations and practices.

Goal                                                                                                                 My goal is to listen to Spanish language enhancement CD’s in my car for 30 minutes, five days a week. I will hold a 20 minute conversation in Spanish with a different person each week.  I will try to incorporate videos or picturesto keep things interesting. Sorry, it doesnt get amy more scientific than this.

Why would anyone want to read a blog about a Spanish language experiment that has no scientific basis whatsoever?                         

Well, not many people would want to read this, probably not even my mother. I doubt my professor will actually read through all of the posts. However, I could see someone wanting to learn another langue having a curiosity of how effective the audio CD’s are.  Every one is different but by reading some of my posts one could get insight about issues they might have.


What do I think of the audio program and how does it work?             

April 12, 2009- The audio program I am using is Onlingo. It might be tougher for someone who has never taken a language class. I have taken two classes in college and two classes in high school. Although, in high school I wasn’t interested in learning Spanish so didn’t learn too much. What I have learned in college was very useful for helping me understand the concepts. There are some subjects that Onlingo could have elaborated on yet in other areas it expanded beyond my previous knowledge.  I think that the best part of the program is that I am able to hear the sections over and over. I can rewind as many times as needed and I get to hear how the words are pronounced, rather than trying to pronounce the words on my own. (People say that Spanish words are pronounced just how they are spelled, but I disagree— plus I have a huge problem with thinking “English.”) There are supplemental books that go over all the dialogues which really help when I can’t understand what is being said. There are also DVD’s with it but mine were gone because I got the program from a friend.



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