According to Problogger, succeeding in the blogosphere requires marketing procedures and an endless amount of time. The first step of the blogging process is not the actual act of blogging. Much research should be done before hand in order to discover the true needs of the target online community. Once the blog takes off, Web design tools can be used to make it distinguished from the masses and more appealing.

A blog needs to use rich keywords, headlines and tags in order to attract a greater audience.  Submitting content in article directories promotes chances of the article being acquired by an e-zine or a high trafficked site. Everything on the blog should have connecting and linking features to spread the blog contact and gain clicks. Trackbacks are a nice tool included on many blog templates to allow the blog manager to track visitors. Submitting links to blog directories and web maps allows the site to show up in search engines.

Bloggers striving for excellence can join Blogburst because its content is syndicated to American newspapers’ websites. Be sure to post relevant information on heavier trafficked sites and, if allowed, leave your site link. Be sure to post within the first fifteen comments because many people do not read far past the first group of comments. Joining online forums is great because they have many members and offer a lot of exposure. Creating contests and activities on the blog site encourages participation from the web community.  Never forget to keep researching the blog world and keep up with trends. Adding podcasts and widgets are a necessity in gaining recognition in the Web 2.0 world. Anyone can be a blogger but succeeding is a different story.

Ethics is a major concern in blogging activiProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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es because some bloggers question the need to follow a code of ethics. Elliott Back’s blog titled Ethical Blogging: Not good for Blogs describes the unwritten rules of blogging and why they should not apply.  He said that telling the truth does not make interesting  stories. created a code of ethics for  bloggers based upon the code of ethics for journalists.  Cyberjournalist states that bloggers  are obligated to their readers, the people they write about and society.  Integrity is the cornerstone of creditability and readers will not follow a blogger that they do not have trust.